Who We Are & What We Do

Buzzed Bull Creamery harnesses the power of liquid nitrogen to bring you and your family fresh, premium ice creams and milkshakes while offering a a one-of-a-kind-experience. We hand-craft each ice cream and milkshake to provide a fully customized option. We are making ice cream fun for everyone. For adults, we specialize in alcohol-infused ice cream & milkshakes that start at a 5% ABV. We encourage our guests to get creative with over 30 available flavors and enjoy the fun the innovative use of liquid nitrogen offers. The possibilities are truly endless.


Buzzed Bull Creamery is a premium, made-to-order, alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen dessert and coffee company. We are dedicated to providing an exclusive product in a comfortable atmosphere for guests who seek a pleasurable and unique experience outside of bars and restaurants. We offer a fun and friendly place the community can sit down and enjoy a one-of-kind experience.


Our goal is to provide a warm and inviting place the local community can connect, a place where you welcome new neighbors but see familiar faces. Buzzed Bull Creamery aims to create a community-driven following that encourages growth and support. Our team will strive to connect ourselves on a professional and personal level at every opportunity.

Monthly Flights

Experience the ‘Buzzed Bull Difference’

Without compromise, receive a one-of-a-kind experience with a premium product.


Everything is made daily from fresh ingredients and in-house recipes.  We ensure your frozen dessert is hand-crafted from start to finish.

Made – to – Order

All orders are made when you order it. This allows a fully customized frozen dessert option. We use Liquid Nitrogen – breaking the mold of a one-ice-cream-fits-all.


Our made-to-order process is coupled with Liquid Nitrogen. See first hand how it’s made with every order. Thanks to science, you experience the creamiest ice cream.

Customer Service

We aim to offer service that is welcoming and helpful when introducing this new way of eating ice cream and consuming alcohol. If your experience or product was not up to par, let us know! We will make it up to you.


We want you to know we value and strive to maintain a clean and organized environment. Providing a clean space is important to ensuring you feel comfortable while enjoying your dessert creation.

Hear what people are saying!

  • So, to start off, I should explain why I gave this place a 4 star instead of 5. Because this place was awesome. The sole reason is that I don't like the taste of alcohol, and that is a big part of their appeal. As I walked in and saw the full bar, the "buzzed" started to make sense. The concept is pretty simple: decide whether you want liquor in it, choose a base ice cream, add a mix-in, and pick what type of alcohol you want in it. The use liquid nitrogen in the process, too. So, I chose a buzzed dessert with bourbon. The flavors mixed well, but the presense of the bourbon was always in the forefront for me. So I couldn't finish the dessert. But it was not awful. The next time I go, I will leave out the liquor and it will be amazing.

    Terry Knox Avatar
    Terry Knox

    Awesome place and such a cool concept! You can basically make whatever you want ice cream or sorbet wise and have them infuse it with your alcohol of choice! Entertaining to watch the liquid nitrogen process as it chills down the concoction. Good staff too. Quick and attentive and friendly.

    Jeff Hunt Avatar
    Jeff Hunt

    My first experience with a buzzed (alcoholic) ice cream.... The ice cream is prepared right in front of you using liquid nitrogen, which is fun to watch. They have decent flavour options especially in their build your own. Service is good.

    Praneeta Lakkapragada Avatar
    Praneeta Lakkapragada
  • This is a review of Buzzed Bull as a dessert caterer, rather than an ice cream shop.

    When we were planning March 2019 wedding, one of the first things we thought of was that we wanted to have ice cream instead of cake, and we wanted to make up our own flavors. This seemed like a pipe dream until we found Buzzed Bull. Kaitlyn was great! She met with us multiple times to talk about flavors and logistics, and based on our conversations, she and her team created custom flavors that we absolutely loved.

    On the day of the wedding, everything was where it needed to be. The ice cream was delivered packed in large coolers with dry ice so it stayed plenty cold until being served; in fact, the leftovers made it until the next day when we were able to put them in our freezer at home.

    The price was great, for a service that, as far as I can tell, nobody else provides. We highly recommend you think outside the cake box and consider having Buzzed Bull ice cream for your wedding!

    Jon Scheiding Avatar
    Jon Scheiding

    This place is so neat! I had the Tiger Stripes (peanut butter and chocolate with spiced rum) and it was incredible. I wish I had gotten the small cup though because the regular was plenty. Unfortunately you can't take it outside because it's technically an 'open container' so I wasn't able to save the rest for later. But very tasty and worth it!

    Susan Rowe Avatar
    Susan Rowe

    The ice cream is a little pricey depending on what you get but it's definitely worth it. Tastes delicious & they have a great selection of alcohol to choose from. It's great to have something new in Cincinnati & makes a great date. Especially on a bike ride around the city.

    Queen LA Avatar
    Queen LA
  • We used Buzzed Bull for our company Christmas Party on 12/7 and I am elated with the results. The ice cream was beyond delicious and the service was exceptional. Nick who came to set everything up was AMAZING and made sure I always knew what was going on. Big shout out to Kaitlyn for making it all come together for us. I am very appreciative and HIGHLY recommend to anyone who was buzzed or non buzzed ice cream!

    Lauren Hegener Avatar
    Lauren Hegener

    Delicious place for some ice cream! It's really cool that they can add alcohol to your ice cream. They have a wide variety of flavors and the atmosphere of the place is really cool. I would definitely return.

    Alex Cross Avatar
    Alex Cross

    Amazing flavors with liquor infusion. Really great taste. Extremely creamy and smooth.

    Michael Natarus Avatar
    Michael Natarus
  • Absolutely delicious! A bit pricey but watching the process I understand why. A great treat yourself location

    Nicholas Waits Avatar
    Nicholas Waits

    I love the options here. You don't necessarily have to get buzzed ice cream & they also have coffee drinks. I got the cherry cordial ice cream & it was delicious. The buzz was brandy, which I'll admit left a slight burning sensation in my mouth. My spouse had the s'mores ice cream & his also left the same sensation in his mouth with fireball whisky. I'd come back for another flavor without the buzz because the ice cream by itself is delicious. Perfect for a hot day!

    Alana Jenkins Avatar
    Alana Jenkins

    What’s not to love??!! Delicious ice cream made in front of you using cool smoke, super friendly staff, and tons of options. Try the Lemon Cake or Tiger Stripes...both are incredible! This place has something special going on. Can’t wait for the one to open in Maineville!

    Jeffrey Whited Avatar
    Jeffrey Whited
  • These guys were completely above and beyond, I ordered 3 drinks super later and one had spilled, I know they were so ready to call it a night and finished cleaning but they poured me another drink regardless! Amazing customer service!

    Stephen Gaughan Avatar
    Stephen Gaughan

    It's a great ice cream parlor. The fact that you can also get it with infused with alcohol if you're 21+ is just the cherry on top, since the non-buzzed flavors taste just as good. I was surprised that the smaller size cup was actually a lot, so bring your appetite if you order a large. Also, they're very flexible on customizing your idea of delicious, but honestly, you can't go wrong just sticking with their house specials if you see something yummy.

    nealy willy Avatar
    nealy willy

    If you're a fan of ice cream, this place is definitely something you should check out; if you're a fan of getting hammered, there are easier ways to do it. That being said, watching them make it is a blast!

    Brian Rowland Avatar
    Brian Rowland

Monthly Flights

Looking for a way to taste test your way around the menu?
Or some inspiration to create your own ice cream or milkshake?
We introduce our Monthly Flight. Comprised of 4 flavors rotated out monthly, enjoy 3 ounces of each buzzed ice cream served on a hand crafted paddle board.
April 2020's Flight Flavors
Reese’s Brownies
Lemon Drop
Jolly Rancher
Caramel Cake